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Personal Training, Let's Get You There!

We want to help you reach your goals in a safer and more effective way. From weight loss to muscle gain to injury prevention or just learning how to move, our Sweat Pros can help. Whatever your health and fitness goals may be, our certified Sweat Pros will work with you to build a customized workout plan based on your goals and individual needs.

Safe Sweat Start

For those who haven’t worked out in a while or want to make some adjustments to their current routine.

An initial 50 minute with a Sweat Pro including body composition and discussion of your fitness goals, injuries, and any limitations.

Two 50-minute Sweat Sessions with a Sweat Pro to take you through your workout and teach you the right way to move.
All-In Price: $325

Re-Fresh your Sesh.

Time for a Re-Fresh?

The perfect way to check-in. The Sesh Re-Fresh offers 50 minutes with a Sweat Pro to check body composition, measurements, and program analysis. You will walk away with an update of what is working for you and suggestions on what to do differently to get you to the next level.
Monthly Re-Fresh: $75 auto-billed each month.

*One-time Re-Fresh: $100 per Re-Fresh

Personal Training Packages

Solo Sweat Sessions

Let us unlock your potential in the privacy of your FITsuite. Our Sweat Pro packages will ensure you get on track and stay on track. Each package starts with an initial 50 minute session to help determine the best way to get you where you want to be.
5 Sessions: $625
10 Sessions: $1200
15 Sessions: $1725

Tandem Sweat Sessions

Do you have similar goals to a friend, partner, or child who wants to train with you? We offer tandem training sessions for that — up to 2 people training with our Sweat Pros at once.

*Both clients must have active member or guest privileges

5 Sessions: $940
10 Sessions: $1800
15 Sessions: $2590

25% off savings on Tandem Sessions

Safe to be Fit.

Safe to be Bold.

Safe to be Free.

Safe to be You.


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